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saxon scramasax

The Scramasax, carried by the Saxons and the Vikings between the 4th and 10th centuries, came in a wide range of sizes and was used both as a tool and a weapon.

viking dagger

Carried horizontally, at the back of the belt, the scramasax provided the spearman with both a close-quarters weapon and a tool and utensil in camp.

scramasax  hanger knot

Scramasax Sheath Knotted Leather

scramasax sheath

Scramasax Sheath

scramasax shathed

Scramasax Sheathed in Leather Sheath

scramasax pommel

Scramasax Pommel

scramasax wood grip

Scramasax with wood grip

scramasax knotwork

Scramasax with nice Viking knotwork highlights

viking scramasax

Viking Scramasax

hanwei saxon scramasax

Hanwei Saxon Scramasax

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