Russian Kindjal - Photo Gallery

brass chape

The brass chape protects from the blade piercing out of the scabbard

brass throat

The brass throat matches the chape and hilt

blade transition

The blade transitions into he tang and handle seemlesly

kindjal hilt

The Russian Kindjal hilt

curved tip

The blades tip comes to a dramatic curve

double fuller

The double fuller or two grooves relieve some weight also make the blade a little more rigid

hard wood hilt

The kindjal has a nice hard wood hilt.

full tang

The tang can be seen between the hard wood handle scales

The Russian Cossack Kindjal

The Russian Kindjal is Military Issue and is best known with the Cossacks

The Cossack Dagger or Russian Kindjal

This is a nice functional military spec reproduction of the Russian Kindjal

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