Maldon Seax - Photo Gallery

seax pommel

The blackened pommel on the Maldon Seax

seax grip

Leather wrapped wood core grip on the viking seax

metal guard

The Maldon Seax small guard is enough to prevent the hand from sliding forward

seax full

A full view of the Maldon Seax from Windlass's BattleCry Collection

seax frog

The BattelCry Maldon seax comes with a belt frog so it can be worn

scabbard tip

The seax has a metal tip on the scabbard to prevent the blade from piercing through

The Maldon Viking Seax

The BattleCry Maldon Viking Seax by Windlass Steelcrafts

battlecry maldon viking seax

Fitted to a sword-style hilt, the Battlecry Maldon Viking Seax is a size that serves roles as working knife as well as combat dagger

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