Qing Dynasty Broadsword - Photo Gallery


Qing Dynasty Broadsword.

Chinese Broadsword Guard

Dragon motif in the gaurd to the Qing Dynasty Broadsword.

Scabbard Cap

Scabbard cap decorated with wrapped dragon similar to the rest of the fittings.

Broadsword Tassel

Black tassel attached to the metal fittings on this Chinese Saber.

Wooden Handle

All natural finished wood on the handle and scabbard of the Qing Dynasty Dao.

Damascus Dao

Hand forged damascus on the Qing Dynasty Broadsword.

Damascus Pattern

The blade of this Chinese sword has a hand forged carbon steel damascus.

Chinese Sabre

This hand forged Dao measures 30" overall with a sharpened 20" damascus blade which features a double fuller.

Chinese Dao Sword

The scabbard and handle are constructed of natural hardwood and the cast metal fittings are all matching in a dragon motif.

Chinese Broadsword

The Chinese Broadsword, or Dao, is a weapon which historically saw use most often as the hand weapon of military foot soldiers for slashing and chopping.

Qing Dynasty Dao

The Dao is considered to be one of China's four traditional weapons along with Staff, Spear and Jian.

qing dynasty broadsword

The Qing Dynasty Broadsword is Perfect for the Backyard Cutter and Beginning Martial Artist.

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