Crane Katana - Photo Gallery

Crane Katana Menuki

The menuki are a younger and an older scholar/sage. The meaning is this, a man of wisdom and integrity would be long in the service of his lord, usually surviving one lord to serve the next generation, thus the analogy with the Crane, wisdom and longevity.

Crane Katana Kashira

Crane theme carried throughout the fittings on the Bugei Crane Katana.

Crane Tsuba

Highly detailed tsuba of the Crane Katana by Bugei Swords.

Bugei Crane Tsuba

Brass habaki and seppa expertly fitted to the tsuba on the Bugei Crane Katana.

Bugei Crane Kurikata

Buffalo horn kurikata with brass shitodome of the Crane Katana by Bugei.

Crane Katana Tsuka

The tsuka is wrapped in black silk ito. Like all of our swords many different blade and tsuka lengths are available providing a great deal of choice to fit each individuals' needs.

Crane Katana Blade

This is the result of the extensive forging and folding process that is done by hand for each individual sword.

Swedish Powder Steel

The Crane style is forged out of Swedish powdered steel with a dramatic hada, grain pattern, resulting from the forging/folding process.

Crane Katana Hada

The beautiful hada (grain in the steel) is very apparent in the Bugei Crane Katana.

Crane Katana

The Crane Katana by Bugei is an elegant forge folded samurai sword with a dramatic hada at a very reasonable price.

Bugei Crane Katana

The tsuba, guard, is a pierced crane style and quite beautiful. The Crane symbolizes wisdom and longevity.

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