Samurai Warrior Katana - Photo Gallery

samurai warrior katana

These are made as entry level swords and are suitable for learning technique and light cutting of pool noodles or single rolled tatami.

samurai warrior katana tsuba

The Samurai Warrior Katana is a starter katana adorned with images of the training of the Samurai.

samurai warrior kashira

Kasira of the Samurai Warrior Katana at an entry level price.

economical katana

These pieces by no means claim authenticity. What they offer is an economical alternative to the higher end katana available, for the beginner.

samurai warrior bo hi

With budget in mind this piece uses a 1045 high carbon steel which is a little softer than the higher end katana but is still suitable for soft targets like tatami and “pool noodles”.

samurai warrior habaki

This beginners sword boasts upgraded fittings over our other starter swords with more attention put to weight and balance.

samurai warrior menuki

Traditionally, Samurai trained with the sword, bow, spear and naginata. While training, samurai would use wooden weapons for practice against each other, then sharp swords against dummies made of wood or straw.

warrior katana tsuka

This beginner piece has a tempered high carbon steel blade, double pinned handle through a traditional length tang.

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