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Dragon Ninja Sword

Dragon Ninja Sword

The tools of their trade were nunchucks, blowguns, throwing knives and the most prized...the Ninja Sword.

embossed kashira

The kashira or cap at the end of the handle has detailed embossment and carving work

side of kashira

Highlighting the side of the kashira wear the tsuka-ito or handle wrap ties off


The decorative menuki under the handle wrap


The fuchi or decorative collar between the tsuba and the handle

tsuba from the handle

This is the top of the tsuba with a very detailed embossed dragon

habaki and tsuba

The brass habaki with the seppa (spacer) next to the decorative guard or tsuba

horimono etching work

The blade features a decorative etching also called the horimono

ninja kissaki

This is the kissaki or the tip of the ninja sword


The tied sageo


The tsuka is the handle of the ninja sword

The Dragon Ninja Sword

The Dragon Ninja sword is a nice light use sowrd for cutting soft targets like "pool noodles"

ninja sword

The Dragon Ninja Sword is an affordable entry level Ninja Sword

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