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Zombie Survival Essentials

To survive a Zombie Apocalypse it is important for you to have your essential items in place. Now I know many of us just don't have the time to build a kit but after the zombie apocalypse begins it will be to late. Thanks to the Members of Z.A.R.C. We can save you the time and research by helping you build an impressive functional zombie apocalypse readiness kit with a compilation of the most popular items found in all Z.A.R.C. Members kits. These items are crucial and will be kept updated as members decide on equipment that may be better suited for all of our survival from the walking dead.

Top Primary Zombie Survival Weapons

  1. Kukri Machete w/ Sheath
  2. Tactical Machete Knife
  3. Kopis Machete

Top Secondary Zombie Survival Weapons

  1. Bar Mace
  2. Trench Hawk
  3. German Mace

Top Protective Equipment

  1. Leather Vambraces
  2. Hero's Chainmail Shirt
  3. Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Shirt

Top Survival Equipment

  1. Compact Survival Kit
  2. Firestarter/Sharpener
  3. Special Forces Shovel w/Sheath

Top Member Kit

All Z.A.R.C. members have the authority to nominate other members Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Kits which they believe are worthy of recognition. Although member voted kits aren't officially Z.A.R.C. sanctioned you can be assured that the contents of this Z.A.R.K. will make any Zombie run back to the grave.

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