Zarc Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Corp
Zarc Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Corp


The Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Corp. (Z.A.R.C.) has operated secretly underground for a number of years. Z.A.R.C.'s purpose is to watch for and monitor signs of a zombie outbreak of apocalyptic proportion and help mankind with preparations for the pending epidemic. We regretfully report that a number of signs have appeared in the past years indicating that a Zombie Apocalypse is near. The signs are worse than we had imagined and the outbreak will be far more overwhelming than we had initially predicted. Despite all preparations made by Z.A.R.C. We need your help. Please join us and help mankind to survive this pending apocalyptic zombie outbreak.

Zarc Zombie Apocalypse Readiness kit

Preperation List

To prepare for this zombie outbreak every household will need to assemble an essential Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Kit. (Z.A.R.K.) The contents of each kit may vary but will all contain the same basic components:

  1. A Primary Weapon (Sharp)
  2. A Secondary Weapon (Blunt)
  3. An Armor or Protection Device
  4. A Piece for Repairs/Utility Work

Keep in mind when assembling your kit that it should be light weight for when you are on the move. It should be easy to maintain and should be effective in open areas as well as confined spaces. I know some of you are thinking "where are the guns?". Firearms are not recommended by Z.A.R.C. as ammunition is very heavy, requires alot of space in your kit and at the predicted speed of the outbreak there will be no time to set up supply lines. You may be on your own. "Sword's don't need reloading"

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