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Basket Hilt Claymore

Basket Hilt Claymore - 500652 -

The Basket Hilt Claymore is no longer active on our website and can only be found from off-site links. The Basket Hilt Claymore has been discontinued and is not available for purchase at this time. We will post any new information if it becomes available. Never has there been a sword so strongly identified with a people as the Claymore with the Scots. From the early years of the 17th Century until today, the basket-hilted Claymore has been the symbol of the warrior race of Scotland. We are proud to offer you the finest basket-hilt we have ever encountered. Based on the patterns of the 1730's, the brass basket is adorned with heart shaped cut-outs and expertly executed grooving. Hand-forged and hand-polished blade is double-edged and fullered, with a distal grind that provides superb balance. This functional sword is crafted by Windlass Steelcrafts; they are highly tempered and worthy of bearing to the Battles of Preston Pans or Culloden. Sword comes complete with scabbard. An important addition to any sword collection.


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This product is currently unavailable.

The Basket Hilt Claymore has been discontinued and will not be available until further notice.

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