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Replacement Sheath

By: SOG Knives

Replacement Sheath
SOG Knives

Try on these new military carry sheaths that are standard issue with the SEAL Team Elite and SEAL Knife. Input from our tactical advisers indicated that military departments are changing their uniforms and requirements for attaching hardware. We took this information and designed something new in knife carry. These ballistic nylon sheaths are designed for all weather cover to protect their cargo from sand, dust, moisture, and do it quietly. Our secondary pouch on the front allows you to complete your gear with a SOG multi-tool or folder. The modular mounting system on the back is the most versatile possible; military belts, MOLLE type applications, belts, vests, etc. are all easily mounted to quickly and securely.

This sheath fits the Seal Team Elite, Seal Knife, Gov-Tac, Daggert 1, Daggert 2, Fixation Bowie, Fixation Dagger.

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  • Product Code: 4805
  • SKU: P37
  • Brand: SOG Knives

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