Stainless Steel Swords

Although stainless steel is thought by many to be invulnerable to corrosion, this is not true. With stainless steel, one must be cautious because the evidence of corrosion does not show itself as quickly as it does on carbon spring steel. If the blade is touched with a finger and not wiped off properly with a soft rag the fingerprint will be permanently etched into the steel forever! In time, the print will become more and more visible and detract from the appearance of your sword or dagger. To prevent this from happening, Keep Fingers Off the Blade! If possible keep the blade away from any bare skin, as skin is very acidic. It is the acid in your skin that will eat away at the metal and the only way to stop it is by giving the blade a thorough cleaning. To ensure a thorough cleaning we recommend using "Metal Glo" polish, a product we use ourselves at the store.