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Reliks Chorui Katana

Reliks Chorui Katana - T8 -

Reliks is very proud to announce a sword for the martial artist with superior handling and strong cutting performance with traditional design and quality furniture. The Chorui Katana was hand forged with a classical shinogi zukuri blade shape with premium T8 carbon steel. The blade is then differentially clay tempered to produce a rockwell hardness of 58 for the razor sharp cutting edge and a softer 45 HRC for the spine to retain it's resilience. This clay tempering method produces a genuine hamon which can still be seen through the Chorui's water stone mirror polish. Unlike many katana produced today, the Chorui boasts all steel fittings. The tsuba, fuchi and kashira are stronger steel fittings with elegant detailing and a blackened finish. The Silver habaki and seppa accent these fittings for a remarkable look of contrast. The tsuka is hardwood covered in genuine rayskin and finished with brown synthetic silk ito wrap for it's harder wearing properties. We have also double pegged the handle with bamboo pins for cutting safety. The saya of the Chorui Katana is finished in a deep gloss black lacquer with buffalo horn kurigata,koigushi, and koijiri (scabbard knob, scabbard mouth and scabbard tip). Reliks has designed the Chorui Katana to be an exceptional cutting sword with traditional forging techniques to hold up against the rigours of tameshigiri, yet still remain attractive to both martial artist and collector.

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  • Product Code: 5842
  • SKU: T8
  • Blade Length: 28", 29"
  • Blade Material: T8 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Tempering: Differential Clay Tempering
  • Fittings Material: Steel
  • Handle Length: 10 1/2", 11 1/2"
  • HRC Edge: 58
  • HRC Spine: 45
  • Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Synthetic Silk
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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