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Sword of Novara

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During the French Wars in Italy the army of Louis XII was driven out of Milan by the League of Cambral. This alliance consisted of Spain, Naples, the Holy Empire of Rome, the Papacy, the Swiss Cantons, England, and several Italian city-states. In 1513, the French army of 10,000 under Louis de LaTremoille still held Novara, 28 miles west of Milan, and the league forces moved against this position. The Swiss army of some 13,000 attacked the French camp, catching the defenders by surprise. A deadly battle ensued with the Swiss pikemen gaining the upper hand, but at heavy loss to their ranks. La Tremoille suffered 50% casualties and hundreds of German mercenaries fighting for the French surrendered only to be executed by the vengeful Swiss. The loss at Novara forced Louis XII to withdraw from Italy. We have named this Italian functional sword the "Novara Sword" for this battle as it is of a type that would be in use by members of the league. The hilt of the Novara Sword is beautifully designed - the guard (with double rings) and the pommel, both with floral detail, have a rich patina finish. Grip has attractive raised ridges for a firm hold and is covered in leather. The well tempered high carbon steel blade of the Novara has a long ricasso, three fullers and has decorative etching. The Sword of Novara is made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.

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