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Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer

Axe, Helmet, Sword and Shield From Frank Frazetta's Painting

Originating from the fertile and stunningly creative mind of Frank Frazetta in 1973, the Death Dealer fantasy painting depicts this now famous icon as a menacing armor laden warrior with horned helmet sitting atop a fierce steed while holding a stunning, bloody axe and shield. He is eventually identified through stories this painting inspired as Gath of Baal, a tribeless barbarian dealing death to all that oppose him. To help him in his battles, one of Gath's love interests gives him the menacing helmet, which was possessed by the god of death. The helmet gives him godlike power, but only at a price.

Death Dealer Collectors Edition Sword

Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Sword

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

Based on the 1973 Classic Fantasy painting by American artist Frank Frazetta and made in collaboration with the Frazetta Art Museum and MRL we present to you “The Bringer of Death” This sword is seen over the shoulder of the horned helmet iron clad warrior from the painting. This....

IN STOCK- Price: $294.99 USD Currency

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