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Para Military II - The Sequal
Spyderco - Para-Military

Para Military II - The Sequal

A few years back Spyderco released the para-military to it's line up of folding knives and it's popularity exploded. Smaller than their already successful Spyderco Military folder, the size, the feel of the new para-military were almost perfect for both service use as well as being sleek enough to be used as an every day carry. These knives were so popular that retailers were fighting to get their hands on any configuration that was produced.

This is where the success took on a new form of thinking. Spyderco believes in and practices C.Q.I. (Constant Quality Improvement). Where most companies look at a top seller and are satisfied to call it perfect, Spyderco looks at a top seller and says, how can we make it even better. This was the birth of the Para-military2. Many of the refinements are small but have purpose and most people may not even notice that the G-10 handle is now slightly narrower at the end to better suit the natural ergonomics of your hand until using it for several cutting task throughout the day. This seemingly small change fit's perfectly with the C.Q.I. way of thinking and nobody says it more perfectly then Spyderco themselves. “If we can refine and improve the ergonomics or cutting performance of an established model, we do it”

The Para-military2 Models entire handle and blade now have a thinner profile removing all uncomfortable angles making it more comfortable to carry in the closed position. The Para-military2's 4-way ambidextrous-friendly clip can be repositioned for tip down or tip up carry on either the left or right side of the handle for nearly limitless carry options. It is also moved slightly from the previous modal so that it rests more comfortably and deeper in your pocket. Spyderco has kept the same high-performance CPM S30V full flat-ground blade, lengthening the tip slightly. The most noticeable upgrade to the blade is the added additional surface jimping to both the spine and finger choil improving cutting performance with less worry that your hand will slide forward on the blade.

The pivot system on the original para-military was exceptional but they found a way to implement a new bushing system that is more consistent and can hold tighter manufacturing tolerances resulting in a very fluid action. The have kept the same reliable compression lock found on both the “para” and military modals. If you are carrying the classic para-military you may ask yourself if you should upgrade your almost perfect knife for one of the newer modals? That is a great question to ask because many people may not even notice the subtle changes or even find them visible to the eye but in the end everything is sharper, smoother and Spyderco guarantees it to provide performance and improved user comfort. Whether it is going to be your first Para-Military or an upgrade from the original the one thing for sure is you will be carrying a very high quality, high performance knife that will be up to almost anything you can throw at it.