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Folding Hunting Knives

Folding Knives for hunting and utility

You can never have enough knives on a hunting / fishing trip. When you are in the wilderness you never know what you may encounter so make sure you are prepared. A good folding hunting knife is a great compact solution and won't take much room in your kit next to a folding fillet knife and your folding cutlery set.

Hobo Utensil Kit

Hobo Utensil Kit

By: Ka-Bar Knives

The Ka-Bar Hobo is a portable fork, knife and spoon with nylon carrying case and is designed for on the go or outdoor di....

Price: $24.99 USD

Folding Hunter Knife

Folding Hunter Knife

By: Buck Knives

1962 was a good year for knife safety.


Price: $63.99 USD

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Spyderco Value Knife Series of EDC Folding Knives

Spyderco Value Knife Series of EDC Folding Knives

One of our favourite series of value knives is Spyderco's every day carry Tenacious, Persistence, Resilience and The Ambitious.....

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