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Your Shopping Basket is empty. Start filling it up by browsing our online sword store for the best of swords, daggers, gifts, collectibles, and more. When you find an item you want just click the green "basket" button. When you are ready to purchase the items in your basket simply return here to proceed to the checkout.

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The basket is temporary and holds items while you visit but does not tie them to you or your account. If you create an account or log in to an account those "temporary" items are then attached to your account. If you log out there will be no more temporary items in the basket. When you log back into your account those items will re-appear until you remove them or proceed with your purchase.

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The basket is "temporary" to hold your items until you are ready to purchase or leave our site. We do keep basket information for several days to give you time to return and complete your order. If a basket has been abandoned for a long period of time our system will automatically empty them out. If you want to keep them for longer terms simply create a free account and they will appear anytime that you log in.

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Absolutely, please call our toll free order line 1-888-473-5457 during regular business hours and a live representitive will be happy to help you complete an order.

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