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Repair 4 in 1 Chainmail: Where do you get rings?, I'm not selling!

Most people automatically think, “Where do I buy replacement rings?”. If you search around the internet you will most likely find several people selling them. The nice thing about butted chainmaille armor is you will never notice if you remove the entire last row around the waist of your shirt, or the end of each sleeve, the last row of each pant leg or even the final row of your coifs mantel. These rings are made from the exact same material as the rest of your armor and have even aged to that perfect patina that the rest of your suit has taken years to achieve!

Step 1: Identify the 4 in 1 Pattern
Step 2: The Missing Links
Step 3: Now We are Ready
Step 4: Closed and Repeat
Step 5: Last Ring
Step 6: Good as New
Step 7: Where do you get rings?, I'm not selling!

Chainmaille Armor

Hero's Chainmail Shirt

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Butted Steel Chainmail Shirt

Butted Steel Chainmail Shirt