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Repair 4 in 1 Chainmail: Now We are Ready

We already determined that we needed to replace one ping ring, I'm no Giotto but to illustrate I will draw in the missing ring. Once I drew in the pink ring it became very apparent that I need two rings to fix this pattern. I drew in the second ring for a reference and to show you how to weave them over and under the existing rigs. If you have trouble visualizing it take your time, have a look at the 4 in 1 pattern beside it and weave it through the same way.

Step 1: Identify the 4 in 1 Pattern
Step 2: The Missing Links
Step 3: Now We are Ready
Step 4: Closed and Repeat
Step 5: Last Ring
Step 6: Good as New
Step 7: Where do you get rings?, I'm not selling!

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Butted Steel Chainmail Shirt