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Adam Hsu Sword

The Adam Hsu Sword is no longer active on our website and can only be found from off-site links. The Adam Hsu Sword has been discontinued and is not available for purchase at this time. We will post any new information if it becomes available. The Hsu Sword is the first in a new ongoing series of Chinese martial arts weapons designed by Sifu Adam Hsu from Taiwan and made by Hanwei. This sword is ideal for people that study Chinese martial arts like kungfu or tai chi, it is more suited for forms practice rather than practical cutting. The Hsu Sword can be used for class practice but the tip is a little dangerous. The blade is diamond-shaped with ridgelines running down the center of both sides of the sword producing an audible feedback when swung. This is a rigid blade and a defined point or tip. The scabbard & handle are made of a high-resistance polymer to look like wood-grain. The scabbard has a special locking feature; in the bottom of the scabbard is a “duck-bill” lock to hold the sword in the scabbard so it could be upside-down and not fall out. The pommel & guard are made of stainless-steel. The handle is slender and has 2 grooves running down it for hand sensitivity in relation to the sword. The emblem in the center of the guard is a dragon.

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Brand: Cas / Hanwei

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The Adam Hsu Sword has been discontinued and will not be available until further notice.


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