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Ka-Bar Snody "Big Boss" Knife

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KA-BAR recently teamed up with Mike Snody, custom knife maker, to produce factory knives that honor the looks and finish of Mike's custom-ma.... read more

$ 164.99

Cold Steel Kukri Machete w/ Sheath


If you were suddenly castaway on a desert island or stranded in the wilderness or a jungle, what's the one tool you would want at your side?.... read more

$ 29.99

Cold Steel Bowie Machete


Cold Steel's Bowie Point Machete is quick, fast, and lively in the hand, making it an outstanding slashing blade and admirable chopper. But .... read more

$ 28.99

Cold Steel Kopis Machete


The Cold Steel Kopis Machete is modeled closely on an ancient sword design that was held in high esteem by the Greeks, Romans, and Spaniards.... read more

$ 47.99

Cold Steel Two Handed Panga Machete W/Sheath


If you like the look and cutting power of the traditional African Panga Machete, you're going to love the two handed model. It's ideal for e.... read more

$ 45.99

Kershaw Amphibian Knife


If you dive, you should have a dive knife. It could save your life. More than one diver has become tangled in the increasing amount of line.... read more

$ 59.99

Cord Wrapped Neck Knife


From the very basic to fancy, neck knives are always handy and unobtrusive either around your neck, on your keychain, or even in your backp.... read more

$ 26.99

Survivor Neck Knife


Worn like a pendant, the neck knife is suspended with handle down for easy draw uses. The neck knife is designed to be carried around one's .... read more

$ 16.99

Boot Knife - Coyote


This boot knife has the look as well as exceptional value. The blackened blade is double edged with serrations and measures 4 7/8". The fu.... read more

$ 34.99

Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Knife


The Becker Campanion from Ka-Bar is perfect knife for all your outdoor adventures with a 20 degee edged 1095 cro-van drop point blade. For a.... read more

$ 94.99

Neck Knife


This tactical neck knife comes with a hard plastic sheath that that is designed to hold neck knives securely. This knife is aprox 4 1/2" ove.... read more

$ 24.99

G-10 Neck Knife


This full tang neck knife boasts G-10 contoured scales for the ultimate grip. Whether you’re in the wildness or working at home, neck knives.... read more

$ 21.99
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